Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump

The Lansinoh® Smartpump™ connects our pump technology to your smartphone via Bluetooth® using the free Lansinoh Baby™ app for tracking, reminders, and more.  Learn more about the app here.  

Our pumps are the ONLY pumps with three pumping styles and eight adjustable suction levels, allowing you to select the setting that works best for you.  A closed-system design reduces the number of parts cleaned and prevents bacteria and mold growth.  And its compact size and quiet motor make it convenient for the mom on-the-go.  

Your breast pump may be covered by your insurance. Check with your insurance company, or click here to check our preferred suppliers. 


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Additional Information

The Lansinoh Difference

  • The Smartpump™ seamlessly pairs with the free Lansinoh Baby™ app through Bluetooth® to help track pumping, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, diapers, growth, and more. ** The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners. *Phone not included
  • The Smartpump™ offers convenience and compatibility with our Pump-Store-Feed system by working with Lansinoh's NaturalWave® Nipple for easy feeding. You can also pump directly into Lansinoh® mOmma® Bottles.
  • The Smartpump™ offers superior customization. Choose from three different pumping styles to mimic your baby’s unique feeding pattern. Additionally, eight adjustable suction levels within each pumping style ensure the most comfortable, efficient pumping.
  • The Smartpump™ is a closed system design, reducing the number of parts to clean and preventing mold and bacteria growth.

Additional Information

  • Product Features:

    • 3 Customizable Pumping Styles
    • 8 Suction Levels
    • Maximizes Milk Production and Comfort
    • Innovative technology – mimics baby’s natural feeding pattern
    • Hygienic design guarantees no milk backup in tubing or motor
    • Separately adjustable suction levels and expression modes
    • LCD Screen with timer keeps track of time
    • Includes carry tote
    • Part of Pump-Store-Feed system
    • Compatible with Lansinoh® Simple Wishes™ Hands-Free Pumping Bra
    • BPA and BPS free
    • Pairs with Lansinoh Baby™ App for easy tracking of pumping, feeding, diapers and more

    Product Details:

    • Lansinoh® Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump base unit
    • 4 5oz Lansinoh® mOmma® Bottles
    • 2 Lansinoh® mOmma® NaturalWave™ Slow Flow Nipples, Collars and Caps
    • 2 Breast Flange Bodies
    • 2 Collars, diaphragms, and sealing discs
    • 2 ComfortFit™ flanges (25 mm)
    • 2 ComfortFit™ flanges (30.5 mm)
    • 4 White valves (2 extra)
    • 2 Bottle Stands
    • 4 Storage Lids
    • 3 Silicon Connection Tubes
    • Smartpump™ Tubing Y Connector
    • Smartpump™ Pump connector
    • AC Adaptor
    • Tote Bag
    • Cooler bag
    • Freezer pack
    • Pump manual with everything you need to know to get started
  • How do I pair my pump to the Lansinoh Baby™ app?

    Find full pairing instructions here.

    Why does the app ask to access my camera?

    The app uses the camera to scan the QR code found on the bottom of the pump which pairs the pump with the app using Bluetooth.

    How do you download the app?

    You can download the app here for iOS or here for Android.

    What does the Lansinoh Baby™ app track?

    The app tracks pumping sessions, breastfeeding sessions, bottle feeding, diaper changes, and baby’s growth.  It also provides an alarm to help keep track of your schedule.  

    Is Lansinoh® Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump BPA and BPS Free?

    Yes! Because safety is a top priority for Lansinoh, we have taken proactive measures to ensure Lansinoh® Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump is both BPA and BPS 

    How many times does the Lansinoh® Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump cycle?

    The Lansinoh® Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump cycles 87-125 times/minute in the Stimulation phase and 37-95 times/minute in the Expression phase.

    What is the suction range of the Lansinoh® Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump?

    The Lansinoh® Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump ranges from 55-140 mmHG in the stimulation mode and 80-220 mmHG in the expression mode. There are eight suction settings. 

    What is the ideal setting for maximum milk flow using the Lansinoh® Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump?

    Since every woman is different and each mom responds differently to breast pumps, there is no ideal setting that works for everyone. We encourage you to try different pumping rhythms and use the + and – buttons to find the most comfortable setting for you.  

    Can I use batteries with the Lansinoh® Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump?

    The Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump can work with either the AC Adaptor (included) or with six AA batteries (not included).  We recommend using alkaline batteries only and not rechargeable batteries.  Do not mix old and new batteries; replace as a simultaneous set.  If batteries are in the pump, but your AC adaptor is in use, the pump will use the AC adaptor to power the pump.  For the most economical use, we recommend using the pump with the AC adaptor that has been provided with the pump.  

    Do you have a car adapter to power the pump?

    The Smartpump™ and Signature Pro™ Double Electric Breast Pumps do not include a car adaptor. They are powered with the AC adaptor (included) or six AA batteries (not included).

    Is the Lansinoh® Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump powerful enough for daily use by a working mom?

    The Smartpump™ has been designed for daily use, and it is certainly powerful enough for a working mom or a mom who will be apart from her baby for regular intervals.  As with other retail pumps, it is designed to maintain an already established milk supply.

    How do I clean my Lansinoh® Smartpump™?

    The breast pump parts are dishwasher safe.  However, we recommend using the following instructions for cleaning and sterilizing to get the best results and to extend the longevity of use.


    1. Disassemble the breastmilk expression set, setting aside the tubing and connectors.

    2. Rinse all parts with cold water immediately after each use.

    3. Hand wash all parts of the breastmilk expression set using warm soapy water.  A nipple brush may be used to scrub the hard plastic pieces of the breastmilk expression set, but should not be used on the soft silicone valve or diaphragm.

    4. Rinse parts with clean, warm water.

    5. Place parts in a pot and cover with water making sure there is room for all of the parts to float freely in the pot.

    6. Bring the water to a boil and allow the parts to boil for 5 minutes.

    7. After boiling remove the parts from the pot with tongs and place on a clean towel to dry, covering the parts with a second clean towel.

    8. Allow the parts to dry completely before assembly and use. Partially dried parts may affect the operation of the pump.

    9. Once parts are dry the can be stored in a clean plastic bin with a lid or in a clean plastic zipper bag

    What does the “BPA and BPS Free” Icon on your packaging mean?

    The chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) is widely known to be a hormone disrupter. Acting like an estrogen imposter, BPA has been linked to cancer, type 2 diabetes, depression, heart disease and a number of other ailments. BPA can be especially dangerous in pregnancy, infancy and childhood – so much so that many governments around the world have banned BPA in the production of baby bottles (as well as other products).

    The chemical bisphenol-S (BPS) is used as a plasticizer by some manufacturers and, in many cases, has been used to replace BPA. BPS is also a hormone disrupter, but is currently allowed for the production of baby bottles and similar products.

    Because safety is a top priority for Lansinoh, we have taken proactive measures to ensure our Lansinoh® mOmma® bottles with NaturalWave® Nipples are BPA and BPS free. 

    Additionally, all our products that may come in contact with breastmilk are BPA and BPS free, as well as our mOmma® toddler line. This includes:

    • Lansinoh® HPA® Lanolin
    • Lansinoh® Clean & Condition Baby wipes
    • Lansinoh® Signature Pro™ Double Electric Breast Pump
    • Lansinoh® Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump
    • Lansinoh® Manual Breast Pump
    • Lansinoh® Breastmilk Storage Bags
    • Lansinoh® Breastmilk Storage Bottles and Lids
    • Lansinoh® Disposable Nursing Pads and Ultra-Soft Disposable Nursing Pads
    • Lansinoh® LatchAssist® Nipple Everter
    • Lansinoh® Nipple Shield
    • Lansinoh® Simple Wishes® Hands-Free Pumping Bra
    • Lansinoh® Soothies®  Gel Pads
    • TheraoPearl®  3-in-1 Breast Therapy Packs
    • Lansinoh® mOmma® Bottle with NaturalWave® Nipple
    • Lansinoh® mOmma® Spill-Proof Cup
    • Lansinoh® mOmma® Straw Cup
    • Lansinoh® mOmma® Warming Plate
    • Lansinoh® mOmma® Developmental Meal Set

    Lansinoh is committed to providing breastfeeding solutions so every mom can breastfeed for as long as she chooses. Moms who use Lansinoh should feel comfortable knowing they’re using safe and effective products, whatever their breastfeeding needs may be.

    How do Lansinoh® Double Electric Breast Pumps compare to others available in retail outlets?

    The Smartpump™ and the Signature Pro™, are the only pumps with three customizable pumping rhythms to maximize your milk production and comfort. They are both designed as closed systems; milk will not back up into the tubing or into the motor so you will not risk losing milk and so your breastmilk is safe for your baby. The closed system prevents airborne contaminants, bacteria and mold growth that can result from moisture in the tubing or pump base. 

    How long will the pump work with batteries?

    Lansinoh® Smartpump™ and Signature Pro™ Double Electric Breast Pumps will run for approximately two hours with six AA alkaline batteries.

    Do you sell accessories for the pump such as extra parts, cooler bag, freezer pack, and carry bag?

    You can order extra parts for our pumps including a cooler, re-usable freezer pack and carry bag online at our website,

    Can I use other pump brand replacement parts with the Lansinoh® Double Electric Breast Pumps?

    We do not recommend using another pump’s replacement parts (including the first generation Lansinoh® Double Electric Pump) with the Lansinoh® Smartpump™ or Signature Pro™ Double Electric Breast Pumps as these components were made specifically for each individual Lansinoh pump. Using other brand pump parts with the Lansinoh pump will void your warranty.

    What do the 1 leaf, 2 leaves and 3 leaves on the Mode setting mean?

    There are three different pumping rhythms you can choose from to maximize comfort and breastmilk extraction efficiency. These different rhythms are denoted by one, two and three leaves on the circular mode button.  Every mom is different, so we recommend that you try each of the pumping rhythm modes to determine which one works best and is most comfortable for you.

    What cycle and suction settings will the pump go to once the let-down phase has ended after two minutes?

    Once the pump has switched from the let-down/stimulation phase to the expression phase, the pump will be at the following settings:

    • Pumping Rhythm: 2 leaves 
    • Suction setting: level 3
    • You can change the between the three pumping rhythms by pushing the Cycle Mode Toggle Button with the three leaves.
    • You can adjust to your suction level by pushing the + button to increase suction or pushing the – button to decrease the suction.

    Can I switch from let-down to expression before the two minute cycle is finished?

    If you achieve let-down prior to the two minute automatic switchover, you can push the stimulation/expression toggle button and you will go into the expression phase. If you wish to return to the faster let-down/stimulation phase during a pumping session to bring about another let-down, you can switch back into the let-down/stimulation phase by pushing the stimulation/expression toggle button again.  

    Why do you have a special purple rim on your breast flanges?

    In order to make a mom’s pumping experience as comfortable and efficient as possible, we added special soft outer rims to the ComfortFit™ breast flanges. This also ensures that you have a good seal, which aids in the suction. 

    What is the warranty for Lansinoh® Smartpump™ and Signature Pro™ Double Electric Breast Pumps?

    Please refer to the Instruction Manual for full warranty details. Because it is a personal care product, Lansinoh® Smartpump™ and Signature Pro™ Double Electric Breast Pumps cannot be returned once they have been opened. To make a claim under the warranty for your pump, you must first obtain a Return Authorization Number by contacting Customer Service or (800) 292-4794.

    You can visit our warranty page to register your pump online.

    What feature prevents milk from backing up into the tubing?

    Lansinoh® Smartpump™ and Signature Pro™ Double Electric Breast Pumps have closed systems and are guaranteed to prevent milk from backing up into the tubing and into the motor unit because they have a specially-designed diaphragm and diaphragm cap. This is important for three reasons: it makes your breastmilk more hygienic because condensation and/or milk in tubing can cause mold and bacteria growth and buildup. Secondly, every drop of breastmilk is precious to you and your baby, so it’s important the milk goes where it’s supposed to! Finally, there are fewer parts to keep track of and clean, making it as easy as possible for you. 

    Download the Manual

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    (9 of 11 customers found this review helpful)


    Best one yet for good price


    from Kingston, ON

    Verified Reviewer

    Comments about Lansinoh Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump:

    I have sensitive nipple and brest pumps I have used which are most would rip me apart
    I find this better then medla by the price and size.
    I have used both now and can compare and this one is amazing

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    • No

    (8 of 8 customers found this review helpful)




    from San Diego

    Verified Reviewer

    Comments about Lansinoh Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump:

    This is my second pump and the features are out of control. I am about a month into pumping with the SmartPump and it is going really well. With my first I used Medela pump in style, and while it worked fine, I didn't know what I was missing until I tried this pump. My biggest advice if you buy this pump is to download the app before the baby is born. It has lots of features that you do not need to wait to start pumping to use, like keeping track of wet/dirty diapers to make sure your baby is consuming enough at the breast. Once you are pumping regularly the app is so cool. It tracks how each pumping session compares so you make the most of each session. The pump itself is easy to use, the attachments are comfortable and come in two sizes to ensure you have a good seal, and overall the comfort is really good while pumping. There are a few more pieces than my old pump, but I believe that is because this pump is closed system, which means it keeps the moisture out of the pump itself. I didn't really realize that was important until using this pump. With my old one inside the tubes would get condensation buildup while pumping and the instructions actually tell you to let the pump run for a few minutes after you disconnect from it so that it dries out. With this one, there is no need, no moisture gets through. I have not played around with the different modes that mimic your babies sucking style, the first one I tried had excellent results so I didn't mess with it. I have friends who have struggled with this though so I do believe this is an excellent feature, especially for first time moms. The cooler that comes with the pump is larger than my old one, but the ice pack is smaller so I add a second one of my own. Overall I highly recommend this product, it really takes into account everything to make the best of the pumping experience.

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    • No

    (1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


    Works, but not the best double pump out there


    from Waukesha, WI

    Comments about Lansinoh Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump:

    I am a full-time work mom that pumps 3 times a day during the week and once on the weekends. I have a 4 year old and a 5 month old. I pumped with my first using a Medela and with my second got a Spectra through insurance, so I am comparing this pump to those two products. I received the Lansinoh pump from Lansinoh for free. On the night I got it I read the manual and got the parts all boiled up excited to use it the next day at work. I do LOVE how small the pump part is, it is smaller than the Spectra by about half and smaller than the Medela and very light. However,I found a few things really quirky about the pump. One of my biggest issues with the pump is that it wouldn't "store" your settings when you change to between the expression mode and other mode. Being a working mom, I need my pumping to be as hands off as possible. In the Spectra and the Medela, I like that you can push the expression button and then either when the cycle is over or when you are ready it goes back to the other mode. I do like that you can change the speed and the suction level separately, which you cannot do on the Medela. I really struggled to get a good let down with the Lansinoh pump. I don't know if it was because of my body being used to the Spectra, or what, but I struggled. I do like that it is a closed system, so you never have to worry about milk getting into the tubes or the motor if used correctly. I did find the way the "closed system" was set up to be a little more of a headache than my other closed system pump. I loved the app it was attached to and the way to track items. I think it would be even more helpful for an exclusively pumping mom. Being a working mom, I don't get an exact report of when my infant took her bottles from daycare, so tracking that wasn't beneficial to me. Ultimately, in the end it didn't end up being my go to pump, however, I do still have it at home and will use it when we travel if I am not having to exclusively pump.

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    (1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


    Pump with ease


    from Virginia Beach, VA

    Comments about Lansinoh Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump:

    Love this pump. I like that I could not only have different speeds but also different suction strengths. This allowed me to find the best setting for me. I also love the app for tracking pumps and ounces pumped. It's also super comfortable and comes with different size flanges. It's a closed system so no worry about milk backing up into the rubes. You can use this with batteries or an electric adapter. The pump is small and portable and is not attached to a bag. The screen has a timer and a back light.

    (1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


    Great product!


    from Southern Illinois

    Verified Reviewer

    Comments about Lansinoh Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump:

    Starting out by saying I've been using a Medela until I received the new Lansinoh SmartPump. I will be using this one now with my Medela on back up. I love how there is a timer. Each pumping session is timed and the app helps keep track of time/amount pumped etc for comparison. I also love all the different suction options this pump offers that mimic your baby's sucking style.. my Medela only does 1 thing. A couple other things I like ALOT better about this pump is that I can take batteries, for on the go pumping! Also, it's valves are solid silicone unlike the plastic ones on the Medela pump that have the little rubber membrane that can come off so easily. Overall I would give this pump 5 stars and recommend it to fellow breastfeeding mom's who pump, especially working mom's who pump religiously! The app would definitely come in handy for them.

    • Was this a gift?:
    • Yes

    The Good and The Bad


    from Nebraska

    Verified Reviewer

    Comments about Lansinoh Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump:

    I was chosen to test and review the new Lansinoh Smartpump double electric breast pump and provide my honest feedback. As an avid user of Medela products, this was a fun and interesting trial for me, and I'm going to share with you what I liked, what I didn't like, and what I now can't live without. First off, the app that sync directly to your phone as soon as the pump is turned on and logs your pumping session is sophisticated, and provides your timeline at the touch of a button without even having to lift a pen. The app makes the old pen and paper journal a thing of the past! Secondly, I love that Lansinoh uses a soft rubber coating on the edges of their pump phlanges, this makes them incredibly comfortable. This pump has different phases that can be chosen to more closely match how your baby feeds. I tried all three and ended up choosing the one that caused me to pump the most milk, which took a few days to figure out after trying them all and measuring output. I can see how this could be useful in some situations, but for me, it wasn't overly useful. The reason I'm not giving this pump five stars, is when compared to my Medela pump, the amount of milk pumped using my Lansinoh was never quite as much. Now, this may be due to the fact that my breasts have only ever known a Medela pump. That's what they're accustomed to responding to, so this may just be a case of my breasts favoring what they've always known. Also, one small thing I didn't like about the design, is it was hard to visualize letdown. The Lansinoh pump has a drum on the top of each collection unit that obstructs the view, which was one small annoyance for me, but overall this pump is efficient, SO QUIET, extremely small and portable, comfortable, technologically advanced, and worth what you'll pay for it. ***ALSO, they include two Lansinoh Momma bottles, which are a revelation. After using these bottles I went out and bought three more because my son absolutely LOVES the Lansinoh Momma bottles!!!***

    • Was this a gift?:
    • No

    Around the clock pumping


    from Salt Lake City

    Verified Reviewer

    Comments about Lansinoh Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump:

    Review: Lansinoh shields are more comfortable than Ameda but not Medella. I am getting nipple abrasion. I used soothies and lanolin to help but still hurts. I pump every 2-4 hours. I get about 6 ozs every pump session right now. I like the timer on the pump. I like the ease of only pumping for one side if needed. The different pump strengths and styles are really helpful. I like the beginning lactation style. Medella has that and it really helps. Ameda doesn't have it. It's easy to clean. I've been using the pump for 1 week and the white painted on labels on the buttons are sadly rubbing off. I just started using the app for the pump yesterday. It's helpful except all of yesterday's notes disappeared. That was annoying. Also I think the pump app should just log every session and then give you the option to delete or edit it...rather than making you manually input the session. I like the pump. My Medella seemed to work better for my last baby and had a great bag with it. Wish I had that cool bag. I'm exclusively pumping and bottle feeding because my baby may have lip/tongue tie. So no nursing right now. Wish I could. Perhaps pumping around the clock is why it hurts. I recently bought super shields from pumpin pal to see if that helps. When they get here I'll see if that makes a difference for the nipple abrasion.

    I'll send a pic of the pump with the fading labels later.


    Good little pump


    from Baltimore, MD

    Verified Reviewer

    Comments about Lansinoh Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump:

    This pump does a great job. I used a Medela Symphony before I tried this, and I am surprised to say, it did just as well for me as the hospital-grade pump. However, some of the features are lacking. The draw of this pump is its connectivity, but the app needs some serious work.

    - Has a timer and auto-shutoff after 60 minutes. Most pumps with auto-shutoff turn off after 30 minutes, which is bad timing for me, as I often would have a letdown just a minute before, and I would have to turn it back on to finish. I would love to see a pump with a customizable shutoff time, but I haven't seen one on the market.
    - Letdown phase plus three different suction patterns to choose from, so you can find one that most closely matches the way your baby nurses.
    - Compact and lightweight, so it's easy to take with you around the house or anywhere else.
    - Runs on A/C power or AA batteries, so you can still pump during a power outage, and there aren't any expensive proprietary batteries to buy.
    - Comes with everything you need to get started.
    - Pump tubing is the same diameter as Medela Symphony tubing, and works with Freemies.
    - With the app on your phone, it connects via Bluetooth to track how long you pumped and when.

    - Loud motor.
    - Maximum suction is lower than many other pumps on the market. However, it is sufficient for most.
    - Only eight different suction levels, so not as customizable as other pumps I've used.
    - This pump can use batteries, is small and lightweight, but it has no easy way to carry it around the house and multitask while pumping. You could just put it in a backpack so you can be mobile, but I think it would have been great if this had a belt clip or holster, to make it truly a multitasking mom's dream.
    - The app has some bugs and could use some changes to make it more user-friendly. It frequently stops working and shuts down. With app fixes, I'd upgrade my rating from 3 stars to 4.

    This pump was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

    • Was this a gift?:
    • Yes

    Good product


    from Dover, Delaware

    Comments about Lansinoh Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump:

    This pump is comparable to to Medela Free Style pump as far as suction power. I do love that it has the backflow prevention because I have had issues with backflow in my Medela pump. The Bluetooth connection with the app is a great feature. It's also nice that it has a counter. My little guy also loves to drink out of the bottles and I love them too because daycare is not so great about paced feeding but these bottles definitely help slow down the feeding.

    • Was this a gift?:
    • No

    Easy to clean!


    from El Centro, CA

    Comments about Lansinoh Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump:

    I was reluctant to try something new, but I am glad I did. This pump is quieter, gentler, and way smarter. I also love that I am able to throughly clean it after each session even when I am on the go. I pump 5 while I am at work and I'm glad I don't have too spend too much time cleaning afterwards.

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    • No

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