Affinity Pro™ Double Electric Breast Pump

The Lansinoh® Affinity ProTM Double Electric Breast Pump was designed to provide moms with a customizable pumping experience. Many of the features moms loved in the Affinity Pro™ are found in our new pump model, the Signature Pro™.

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The Lansinoh Difference

  • Our Affinity ProTM Double Electric Breast Pump is no longer for sale. We would love to introduce you to the Lansinoh® Signature ProTM Double Electric Breast Pump, which features two-phase technology and is part of our Pump-Store-Feed Solution.
  • If you have questions about this Lansinoh® product, please contact our Customer Service department.

Additional Information

  • Product Features:

    • 3 pumping styles with adjustable cycle and suction to maximize milk production and comfort
    • Innovative technology mimic baby's natural feeding pattern
    • Hygienic design guarantees no milk back-up in tubing
    • LCD screen with timer to track pumping time
    • Includes carry tote for on-the-go convenience
    • Compatible with any hands-free bra
    • Compact, lightweight base for portability
    • ComfortFit™ Flanges ensure a comfortable, proper fit
    • BPA free

    Product Details:

    • (a) 2 diaphragm caps
    • (a) 2 diaphragms
    • (b) 2 breast flange bodies
    • (c) 2 ComfortFit™ flanges (25 mm)
    • (d) 2 white valves - plus 2 extra
    • (e) 2 container rings and 2 sealing discs
    • (f) 2 bottles (5 oz)
    • (g) 2 bottle holders
    • (h) 1 AC adapter
    • (i) 1 Y tubing connector
    • (j) 1 white pump connector
    • (k) 3 silicone tubes
    • (l) 1 tubing strap
    • 1 Lansinoh® Affinity Pro™ Double Electric Breast Pump base unit
    • 1 tote bag
    • 2 Milk Storage Bags
    • 2 Nursing pads
    • 1 HPA® Lanolin Sample
    • Instruction booklet with everything you need to know to get started
  • Is the Lansinoh® Affinity® Pro Double Electric Breast Pump powerful enough for daily use?

    It has been designed for occasional and/or daily use, and it is powerful enough for a working mom or a mom who will be apart from her baby regularly.  As with other retail pumps, it is designed to maintain an already established milk supply.

    How does the Lansinoh® Affinity® Pro Double Electric Breast Pump compare to others?

    The Affinity® Pro is the only pump with three customizable pumping rhythms to maximize your milk production and comfort. It is designed as a closed system; milk will not back up into the tubing or into the motor so your breastmilk is safer for your baby. The system prevents airborne contaminants, bacteria and mold growth that can result from moisture in the tubing or pump base. 

    Can I pump directly into the Lansinoh® Breastmilk Storage Bags?

    Because Lansinoh® Breastmilk Storage Bags have a double zipper closure, they will not fit securely on the pump so you cannot pump directly into them.  

    Do you have a car adapter to power the pump?

    It does not come with a car adaptor. It is powered with the AC adaptor that was included or six AA batteries.

    Can I use the current AC adapter internationally?

    The AC adaptor that comes with the Lansinoh® Affinity® Pro Double Electric Breast Pump can be operated in either 110-125 or 220-240 voltage.  You need to get an appropriate plug adapter to change the actual plug to fit the international outlet.  

    How long will the pump work with batteries?

    It will run for approximately two hours with six AA alkaline batteries.

    Can I use batteries with the Lansinoh® Affinity®  Pro Double Electric Breast Pump?

    Yes, it can work with either the AC Adaptor (included) or with six AA batteries (not included).  We recommend using alkaline batteries only and not rechargeable batteries.  Do not mix old and new batteries; replace as a simultaneous set. If batteries are in the pump, but your AC adaptor is in use, the pump will use the AC adaptor to power the pump.  For the most economical use, we recommend using the pump with the AC adaptor that has been provided with the pump.  

    Do you sell accessories for the pump such as extra parts, cooler bag, freezer pack, and carry bag?

    You can order extra parts for the Affinity® Pro Pump including a cooler, re-usable freezer pack and carry bag for any of the Lansinoh® breast pumps at our online parts store.

    Can I use Lansinoh® Affinity® Double Electric Breast Pump parts with the Lansinoh® Affinity® Pro Double Electric Breast Pump?

    Yes, although you need to make sure you have the tubing, pump connector, and y-connector for the Affinity® Pro in order to use the Affinity® Double Electric parts. 

    Can I use other pump brand replacement parts with the Lansinoh® Affinity® Pro Double Electric Breast Pump?

    We do not recommend using another pump’s replacement parts (including the first generation Lansinoh® Double Electric Pump) with the Lansinoh® Affinity® Pro Double Electric Breast Pump as these components were made specifically for our pump. Also, using other pump’s parts with our pump would void your warranty.

    Can I use a microwave steam bag to clean and sterilize the pump parts? Are pump parts dishwasher safe?

    Tubing and tubing Y connector or white pump connector should NEVER be washed or sterilized

    What do the 1 leaf, 2 leaves and 3 leaves on the Mode setting mean?

    There are three different pumping rhythms you can choose from to maximize comfort and breastmilk extraction efficiency. These different rhythms are denoted by one, two and three leaves on the circular mode button.  Every mom is different, so we recommend that you try each of the pumping rhythm modes to determine which one works best and is most comfortable for you.

    What is the ideal setting for maximum milk flow?

    Every woman is different and each mom responds differently to breast pumps, there is no ideal setting that works for everyone. We encourage you to use the + and – buttons to find the most comfortable setting for you.  

    What is the suction range of the Lansinoh® Affinity® Pro Double Electric Breast Pump?

    The suction ranges from 55-140 mmHG in the stimulation mode and 80-220 mmHG in one second in the expression mode. There are eight suction settings. 

    How many times does the Lansinoh® Affinity® Pro Double Electric Breast Pump cycle?

    The Lansinoh® Affinity® Pro Double Electric Breast Pump cycles 87-125 times/minute in the Stimulation phase and 37-95 times/minute in the Expression phase.

    What cycle and suction settings will the pump go to once the let-down phase has ended after two minutes?

    The let-down/stimulation phase lasts two minutes. You can go into the expression phase before the two minutes is up by pushing the stimulation/expression toggle button or wait for the automatic switchover at the two minute mark. Once the pump has switched from the let-down/stimulation phase to the expression phase, the pump will be at the following settings:

    Pumping Rhythm: 2 leaves 

    Suction setting: level 3


    You can adjust to your comfort level by pushing the + button to increase suction or pushing the – button to decrease the suction.

    Can I return to the let-down/stimulation phase once I am in the expression phase?

    If you achieve let-down prior to the two minute automatic switchover, you can push the stimulation/expression toggle button and you will go into the expression phase. If you wish to return to the faster let-down/stimulation phase during a pumping session to bring about another let-down, you can switch back into the let-down/stimulation phase by pushing the stimulation/expression toggle button again.  

    Why do you have a special purple rim on your breast flanges?

    In order to make a mom’s pumping experience as comfortable and efficient as possible, we added special silicone outer rims to the ComfortFit™ Breast Flanges. This also ensures that you have a good seal, which aids in the suction. 

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