Our leadership team hails from a variety of backgrounds, each one bringing strong skills and knowledge to their functional area. As importantly, they all come to work with one united goal: to help moms nourish and nurture their children.

  • Kevin Vyse-Peacock

    Chief Executive Officer

    “I’m really excited about where we’re headed, and I believe that Lansinoh will be a player in every global market.” Kevin is the CEO, bringing a wealth of international sales, management and manufacturing experience and a knack for spotting global opportunities.

    Kevin hopped across the pond in 2010 to take the helm and oversee the acquisitions of mOmma®, Earth Friendly Baby® and a manufacturing facility in Turkey. Prior, he led the European operations, establishing Lansinoh as a leader in over 40 countries. His formative career at Croda International Plc took him to the far corners of the world and afforded him broad insights into how local cultures affect business. However, he still misses his llama farm in Oslo. 

    Kevin has a B.S. in Management and Chemical Sciences from UMIST and an M.B.A. from Leeds University. When this visionary leader is not expanding Lansinoh, you can find him getting his passport stamped, listening to The Twang or adding to his 200 plus fridge magnet collection. 

  • Richard Thome

    Chief Operations Officer

    “It’s in my DNA to make the most of each resource, from motivating the team to exceed their potential to having a laser focus on the bottom line.”

    As head of operations, Richard brings a treasure trove of experience in CPG, pharmaceutical, medical devices, food, chemical and industrial manufacturing. Richard understands that predicaments are like icebergs-90 percent of the issue is hidden. He, along with his contagious energy and enthusiasm, has been tapped to take a deep dive, problem solve and get business on the upswing at several start ups, rapid growth and Fortune 1000 companies. But he’s found being a mentor and empowering people is rich in its own rewards.

    Richard has a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Florida and an M.B.A. from National University. When this focused executive isn’t growing the top line, you can find him making good use of his hands for Habitat for Humanity, his own home or working on his golf swing.

  • Masataka “Mas” Hongo

    President of China Business Development and Internal Corporate Communication

    “I’ve wanted to work in the U.S. company since I was 15, and now I’m living my dream while utilizing my vast international experience.” Mas has a dual role as a representative of Pigeon Corporation, the parent company, while tapping his understanding of new market entrance as Lansinoh expands into Latam and China. 

    Mas sharpened his international business – and language - skills as overseas sales manager for Pigeon responsible for expanding into East Asia, Russia and Denmark. He got his first taste of international sales with an ERP system solution provider developing and implementing marketing plans. Some of Mas’ best customer service lessons were gleaned from his early roles in hotel management. 

    Mas has a BA in Hotel Administration from the University of Nevada – Las Vegas and plenty of life experiences attending formative schools in Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. When Mas isn’t bridging cultural gaps, you can find him being a tour guide with his family.

  • Pete Borsuk

    Vice President, Finance

    “This is an uplifting place to work because everyone is dedicated to providing topnotch products to mothers and babies.”

    Pete brings a breadth of finance, accounting and mergers and acquisitions work experience and skills to the table, and ensures that the Lansinoh growth trajectory is well supported.

    Pete is knowledgeable on how to navigate a company from infancy to becoming publically traded all while avoiding financial potholes along the way. He has a thorough understanding of how various types of companies work, and pulls from these learnings to integrate into the business. Prior to Lansinoh, Pete held finance positions in the fast-paced and dynamic technology and telecommunications industry for companies such as comScore, Nextel, PSINet and France Telecom. 

    Pete has a B.S. in Accountancy from Villanova University and is a Certified Public Accountant. When he isn’t pouring over spreadsheets, you can find Pete spending time with his wife and three children or training for a triathlon.

  • Scott Higgison

    Vice President, Sales

    “The infant and baby industry is a very close-knit group of professionals, and in all the categories I’ve worked, this is by far my favorite.”

    Scott is the head of sales and the “David” as they go up against “Goliath” to gain sales and market share. Scott works easily with people and has cultivated a Rolodex of retail and trade relationships in his 25 years in Consumer Packaged Goods. As the captain of highperforming teams, he’s proven his results oriented nature by consistently propelling revenue growth.

    Prior to Lansinoh, Scott provided strategy for start up Quix Products. As he climbed the ranks at Playtex Products and later at Combe he gained great insight into how mass retailers tick. While Scott’s trophy case is full of his own sales recognitions, he also really likes to hand out awards on the pool deck. 

    Scott has a B.S. in Business Administration from East Carolina University. When he’s not delighting retailers you can find him running soccer drills or coordinating swim meets.

  • Gina Ciagne, CLC

    Vice President, Global Healthcare Relations, Media Spokesperson

    “I could talk about breastfeeding for hours, and here I channel my passion to make a global impact on women and children.” Gina wears many hats, including healthcare and breastfeeding technical advisor, consumer resource, media spokesperson and breastfeeding advocate.

    Necessity is the mother of invention – and of advocacy - and Gina became involved in workplace support of breastfeeding after personal experience with how challenging it can be to receive it. Finding her calling, she went on to co-manage the Department of Health & Human Services/Ad Council National Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign. The stars were aligned and Gina came to Lansinoh with her perfect blend of business talent and desire to promote breastfeeding.

    Gina has a BA from the University of Dayton, a MS in Public and Community Health from Trinity University and is a Certified Lactation Consultant (CLC). When she’s not cheering on new moms, you can find her road tripping with her children in their breastfeeding-bedazzled truck.

  • Vanessa Cook

    President EU

    Started with Lansinoh in 2008 as Commercial Director UK.

    Background is international sales and management mainly within FMCG global companies including Tobacco, Soft Drinks, confectionery, healthcare and now Baby.

    BEC Applied Business & Management at Hertfordshire University, UK