The weirdest advice I ever received was…

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  • Beware of tickling

    by Holly E Gruber

    Don’t tickle your baby too much, it will make them stutter later in life.

  • Hang egg in father’s socks

    by Jen Slinkard Carroll

    Hang a freshly laid chicken egg in one of the fathers socks over the nursery door- for the life of me can’t remember what it was supposed to do- either for colic or some other “condition”

  • Hang baby upside down

    by Michelle Thompson Powell

    To swing baby by their ankles upside down to get rid of colic

  • Take care of your husband

    by K Ann C Freeman

    Put that baby down and take care of your husband or he will find someone else to take care of him…. (by his grandma)

  • Pass them around the leg of the table…

    by Desiree Le Anne

    If a baby is not sleeping at night and sleeping most of the day to pass them around the leg of a table, counter clockwise, three times. My grandma told my mom this and they tried it with my oldest sister just to appease my grandma. Oddly enough she started sleeping at night.

  • Latching

    by Lucretia H.F., Ruraldale, OH

    Had issues with both!! My 3 year old just didn’t want to latch was only able to BF for about five weeks and that with a shield and at 5 weeks ny body quit producing. And with my 6 week old she didn’t want to latch at all even I great LC at the hospital couldn’t figure it out tried a shield and she finally latched but it was still painful and then my milk didn’t come in till 4 days after I had her and then the LC at our local WIC office found out she had a lip tie I bf for five weeks and then I just couldn’t take the pain. The WIC clinch gave a pump to use and I was able to use it for a week and my body once again quit producing!!!

  • Latching and mastitis

    by Ashely B.L, Priest River, ID

    We had a little problem latching on for a couple weeks, and then I got mastitis. But we stuck it out and now my baby’s 3 months and still going strong!! I love the one on one time I get with him and I still pump:)

  • My baby was tongue tied

    by Jamie M, Fort Lauderdale, FL

    My baby was tongue tied so we used a nipple shield. We got the frenulum clipped when he was 5 days old, but he wouldn’t go without the shield. Still using it at 7noh pump is acting up and my mil weeks old. Now my Lansik isn’t satisfying his appetite. Not giving up, though!

  • Medicine and lactation

    by Tiffany L.W, Corvallis, OR

    I hurt my back and had several doctors that didn’t know anything about meds and lactation. If a Doctor has to look it up, feel free to get a 2nd opinion. My first 2 docs were overly cautious and had me pump and dump for several days. Used up all of my freezer supply. My GYN later informs me that it was totally fine to bf on NSAIDS and low-dose narcotics. Check with your own doctor, but if they have to Google it, find another Doc.

  • Endometriosis

    by Chrysteana E

    The first week was hard I had an undetected case of endometriosis from labor and wasn’t producing milk because of it, I had to supplement but she was a trooper and was amazing at nursing (still is) then finally after I became violently ill I was on antibiotics but baby and I were allergic so I was even worse by week two then finally I was on some that didn’t make us sick and the endometriosis cleared up and now she’s 7 1/2 months EBF was so rough those first few weeks but we stuck it out and I couldn’t be happier now!

  • Juggling work and pumping.

    by Krissy S

    With baby 1 it took me several weeks to get the hang of the whole thing. Thankfully baby 2 and I didn’t have that problem. The hardest thing with both, was juggling work and pumping. I’m a teacher with limited planning every day, that on occasionally changes. And even when the Schedule is constant, sometimes work took president over pumping. I have one more week of vacation left and I’m afraid I will have to supplement for his last 2 months b4 switching to cows milk during the day. I will continue to nurse mornings and evenings until he is closer to 2 years.

  • The nipple shied

    by Atonya A.W

    WOW! I remember the LC giving me a shield to use to help my daughter to latch ad over time she was pulling me through the shield! OUCH!!!!!!! I made a decision to stop using it and clinched up as she latched exhaled after she latched and prayed while she nursed! Would not change a thing!

  • The Hospital

    by Brandy W

    The hospital. They immediately assumed I wouldn’t be able to provide for my twins & kept bottle feeding them. I made it clear I wanted to bf & was told repeatedly I couldn’t because i didn’t have enough milk yet for my premature babies. I didn’t know how to work the pump and I think the lack of stimulation severely limited my supply for them.

  • Latching

    by Elizabeth Ann C.S.

    My baby girl was born early so we had latching problems for 7 weeks so I had to try to feed her then pump every 3 hours but we made it through then I had a major surgery and that still didn’t stop me:). From pumping i do have a 2+ month supply stored up:) She’s now 7 months and its super easy even with mommy working 50+ hours a week:).

  • Breast feeding in the military.

    by Kimberly C, Columbia, MO

    Breast feeding in the military. I work long hours. I have to pump at work, where there are very few other women. The threat of deployment at any minute. You get the picture.

  • Cracked, sore and bleeding nipples.

    by Angela L., Woodbridge, NJ

    At the beginning had cracked, sore and bleeding nipples, I was scare to go out side my house with the fear what if my son gets hungry, my son prefer one breast over the other one so I Am still working on him to go for both, lack of sleep because my son was not getting full, overall I see the results after 3 months breastfeeding my son is healthy, alert, and seems to be ahead of the game doing things ahead and extremely active. Someone asked me until when are you going to breastfeed my answer until he can tell me himself

  • Thrush, tongue tie, and low supply.

    by Joy F

    Thrush, tongue tie, and low supply. Baby wasn’t gaining weight and I was at a lactation consult appointment once a week. I was pumping, supplementing, sterilizing EVERYTHING, and treating me and her for the thrush after every feeding. By the time I was done with everything it was time for another feeding. I was also taking more milk plus, drinking the tea, eating oats, guzzling beverages. I was so stressed and tired and nothing I was doing was increasing the supply. We only made it to four months before I lost what little milk I had. I was very disappointed by the loss, I wanted to be an exclusive breast feeder, but it was all just too much stress as well.

  • Insecurities

    by Kacie H

    The only barriers I have faced are my own insecurities. I’m honestly terrified to breastfeed in public. I’m overweight and baby hates being covered up during a feeding. I worry about what parts of my body will show and how I know others will be offended. I know I need to get over it. There is no way baby and I can avoid public appearances for a year!

  • Latching

    by Cathy S

    My son had a hard time latching for the first 5 weeks. Fortunately I found an awesome lactation consultant who saw us twice a week and gave us lots of tips that really worked.

  • Cracked Nipples

    by Tanisha H, Chesapeake, VA

    In the beginning I had severe sore and cracked nipples including bleeding. But I stuck with it because I knew it’s the best for my daughter. I’m still going strong at almost 4 months! We currently have no problems and are very happy!

  • Glares

    by Gillian T.O

    People glaring at me in public…even with the nursing cover.

  • Thrush

    by Shannon W

    With #2, we both got thrush (her mouth, my nipples). The reality of the pump & dump was horrible. Knowing that I was having to waste liquid gold until we both were better was sad. Luckily I had a supply in the freezer & she took the bottles of what was stored with just a little formula toward the end. When we were better, she went right back to breast feeding without issues. She also preferred the left side over the right, so when I was having to bottle feed, I held her to the right side to make her more comfortable feeding from that angle, so when we started BFing again, she took to the right better than before.

  • Rough first few weeks

    by Brittany N, Hatton, ND

    My first few weeks were rough. Luckily I have a baby who knew exactly how to latch on from the start, the problem was me (first time mommy). I didn’t take a lactation class so I had no idea what I was doing position wise. She ended up latching on all over the place. I had bruises on one side and cracks on the other side (had a scab literally on my nipple for a while). The LC at the hospital told me to use a nipple shield and that was awesome. Gave me time to heal up. Unfortunately, it restricted milk flow to my baby and she would nurse 45 minutes each side (yikes!) at her 2 week appointment she hadn’t gained her birth weight back.  At that point I was super clogged and exhausted from being up for 2 hours every 3 hours so I tossed the nipple shield and everything changed. Her feeding time cut in half immediately, I stopped being clogged up and she ended up gaining 12 ounces in one week! It’s been smooth sailing ever since!

  • Pain & Damage

    by Jayme H, Milwaukee, WI

    I had issues with pain and damage from day 1 and tried all the consultant’s advice, nothing worked. I kept going through the pain. We took our son for an appointment to our doc. I mentioned the problems. She checked his mouth, brought in another doc to confirm…Baby was tongue tied. He couldn’t stick his tongue out at all, couldn’t latch properly. Five minutes later, he was nursing well. I healed up within a couple of weeks.

  • Refused to latch for three months

    by Karina M, Tonawanda, NY

    Refused to latch for three months and was exclusively pumping every 2-3 hours….even at night. Finally latched at 3 months as I was going off to work full time 50+ hrs a week.  I got my nighttime nursing which I loved but other than that I was an exclusive pumper for eight months of BFing! Just happy I stuck with it for that long.

  • Tongue and lip tie, comments to give up, unhelpful lactation consultant.

    by Hallie G

    Tongue and lip tie, comments to give up, unhelpful lactation consultant. Pumped exclusively for 3 months every 2-4 hours around the clock before he finally latched. But we just reached a year! So worth it!

  • Family

    by Kirsten R, Charlotte, NC

    Family and people who think she needs formula and food in addition to the breast.

  • Over zealous lactation specialists.

    by Tracie G, Lexington, TN

    Over zealous lactation specialists. With my first child I had one who kept telling me I was doing it “wrong”. My best advise to new Moms is; if it works, do it. There are textbook nursing positions and there are real life ones. If the traditional “football hold” works for you, then absolutely do that. But if it’s easier for you and baby to just “wing it” then fly, baby, fly!! Don’t let it discourage you if you can’t do it the way the books tell you!