Where did your baby have their biggest public meltdown?

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  • Chinese Restaurant

    by Tiffani Bluemer

    My daughter has autism and she had a very public meltdown at a Chinese restaurant. She was screaming and crying. I was fine until an older man yelled shut up at her. I told him of her disability and all he said is ‘so she isn’t just a bratty kid?’ I was floored. I avoid places now because of people like him.

  • ‘You are not my mommy!’

    by Cybil Lachenman

    Meijer’s and as I got her to the front of the store to leave her screams became laced with “No, Your not my mommy!” I left with everyone staring, cashiers stopped ringing, but sadly no one stopped me to make sure she was mine. Maybe bc she looks just like me but as embarrassing as it was, it was also upsetting that no one cared to make sure I wasn’t kidnapping her.