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We applaud your efforts to provide the very best for your baby, but know you sometimes have questions or concerns about breastfeeding or pumping. Our Certified Lactation Counselors and child experts are here to help you and offer support. For specific Lansinoh product usage questions, please contact customer service by email or (800) 292-4794 between 8am-8pm est.


Weaning Pumping


I solely pump so I know how much milk my baby is getting and he seems to be less gassy and fussy since doing so. How do you tell your body to stop producing milk and/or decreasing the amount it is producing?



When you are ready to cut down on the amount you are pumping, you will want to do so gradually. If you want to reduce the amount of milk you are pumping shorten you pumping session by a few minutes. This will leave some milk in your breasts, and signal your body to make less. When the time comes that you want to stop pumping altogether you will want to do the same thing. Chose a pumping session and reduce the time spent pumping by a few minutes. Allow a few days to pass so that your body is able to adjust and then reduce it again. Keep doing this until the session is only about five minutes long and then you can cut it out completely. Keep cutting pumping sessions one at a time and in a few weeks you will have weaned from pumping with minmal discomfort.

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Molly Petersen, CLC

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Molly Petersen

Certified Lactation Counselor