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Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump Questions


I am a first time mom and I would like to breast feed as long as I possibly can. I have started pumping to try to build up my stored milk supply before I go back to work. I have been using an Evenflo single electric pump before I went out and bought a good pump just to make sure I wasn't going to have problems breast feeding. It seemed to work fine at first and I was pumping a few oz each side for the few weeks of my baby's life. Now I am almost in week four and I am having a hard time pumping. I have tried to get on a schedule but now pumping is starting to hurt. The most I can get at a time is 1 to 2 oz. I manually have to adjust the suction power on the Evenflo pump. I have been reading up on pumps and found that some offer a letdown function that automatically changes the suction level as a baby would. I saw the Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Pump offers 3 customizable pumping styles and can mimic a baby's natural feeding pattern. I am confused with the wording of this description and wondered if it means that the Lansinoh Signature Pro has that letdown function that automatically changes the suction level as a baby does?



The Signature Pro Double Electric Breast pump features a letdown phase and three customizable expression phases. When you turn on the Signature Pro it starts in the letdown phase. In the letdown phase the pump uses less suction and pumps more frequently. This is similar to how a baby nurses at the beginning of a feeding session. After two minutes the pump automatically switches to the expression phase, however you can toggle back and forth between letdown and expression at any time by pressing a button. In the expression phase there are three different pumping rhythms that you can chose from. This allows you to find the one that most closely resemble the feeding pattern of your baby and inside each of those feeding rhythms are eight different levels of suction strength. This allows you to completely customize your pumping.

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