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We applaud your efforts to provide the very best for your baby, but know you sometimes have questions or concerns about breastfeeding or pumping. Our Certified Lactation Counselors and child experts are here to help you and offer support. For specific Lansinoh product usage questions, please contact customer service by email or (800) 292-4794 between 8am-8pm est.


Nipple Shield


I got a nipple shield because I have an over active letdown. How can I wean my one month old off of it?



To wean your little one off of a nipple shield there are a couple of recommendations that I would suggest. First always try offering the breast without the shield. If you are unable to get baby to latch without the shield, have baby latch with the shield in place. Allow baby to feed for a few minutes and then unlatch remove the shield and re-latch. Most babies are so caught up in feeding that they won’t even notice. Keep using this process over the next few days and weeks each time reducing the amount of time the baby feeds with the shield in place. Once you get down to a minute or less you can start trying to latch baby without the shield in place. I would recommend starting with feeding where baby isn’t overly hungry to agitated. You can also try hand expressing before the session so that your milk is flowing and baby will be immediately rewarded with milk as soon as they latch on.

All the best,

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Molly Petersen

Certified Lactation Counselor