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We applaud your efforts to provide the very best for your baby, but know you sometimes have questions or concerns about breastfeeding or pumping. Our Certified Lactation Counselors and child experts are here to help you and offer support. For specific Lansinoh product usage questions, please contact customer service by email or (800) 292-4794 between 8am-8pm est.


Milk Supply


My milk supply is going low, what can I do to bring it back up? Is there anything that I can take, drink or eat to help increase my milk supply?



Feeding at the breast whenever you see feeding cues from your baby is the best way to increase your supply. Feeding cues include sticking out tongue and bringing hands to the mouth. You can also try adding a pumping session after feeding at the breast. This is a great way to make sure that you breasts are completely empty this and the stimulation from pumping will signal your body to make more milk. Some moms have had success with adding fenugreek and other herbal supplements to their diets. We would recommend you speak to your doctor before beginning any supplements

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Molly Petersen, CLC

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Molly Petersen

Certified Lactation Counselor