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We applaud your efforts to provide the very best for your baby, but know you sometimes have questions or concerns about breastfeeding or pumping. Our Certified Lactation Counselors and child experts are here to help you and offer support. For specific Lansinoh product usage questions, please contact customer service by email or (800) 292-4794 between 8am-8pm est.


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Can you let me know how can I choose the teat for my baby between the 3 flows?
Is it in comparison to the age of the baby (1 month = slow teat...) ? if the baby is already used to the bottle ?

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I would recommend starting with the slow flow nipple. Most breastfed babies start with a slower flow. If you notice that baby is taking a long time to finish a feeding and becomes frustrated and doesn't want to feed you can try increaseing to the medium flow.

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Molly Petersen, CLC

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Molly Petersen

Certified Lactation Counselor