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We applaud your efforts to provide the very best for your baby, but know you sometimes have questions or concerns about breastfeeding or pumping. Our Certified Lactation Counselors and child experts are here to help you and offer support. For specific Lansinoh product usage questions, please contact customer service by email or (800) 292-4794 between 8am-8pm est.


How do I wean my son?


My son is almost 11 months old and I want to wean him off of me so I can use all the frozen milk I have (235 bags). How do I go about weaning? When I nursed my daughter, when she was 10 months old I developed mastitis with staph and she weaned herself shortly thereafter and my supply had taken such a hit that engorgement and drying up wasn't an issue. This time I have a good supply and am afraid to wean for fear I'll develop mastitis again! My doc said to quit cold turkey and wear a tight fitting bra and use cold compresses as needed but that doesn't seem like a good plan to me! I pump twice at work (8 hour shift) and he nurses probably 4 times a day on average. Any ideas?!


Shannon, weaning should be a gradual process so your body and your baby have time to adjust.  It is not recommended to wean suddenly . This will definitely lead to engorgement and possibly mastitis. First I would recommend cutting your pumping sessions at work by a few minutes. Each time you cut time from a session allow a few days to a week for your body to adjust and then cut a few more minutes. Once your sessions are down to around 5-10 minutes cut back to just one a day, again allow your body to adjust and then cut that session too. Once you've stopped pumping, you can start cutting feeding sessions at the breast as well. Again each time allow sufficient time for your body to adjust. Good luck!

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Molly Petersen

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